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A Short Guide to Having an Adventurous Diving Experience in Komodo

When looking for a scuba diving adventure in Komodo, you usually A Short Guide to Having an Adventurous Diving Experience in Komodogo searching for the scuba diving package that offers the best ocean views and excitement in a shorter period of time. However, by doing so, you deprive yourself of a luxury experience that would have served you better if only you had done a little more research.

Choosing a Diving Experience

There are several pointers you should keep in mind when looking to have a good diving experience in Komodo.

Experienced Instructor

The reason why Uber Scuba is considered to be one of the best diving centers in Komodo is because our team of professionals is highly skilled in diving. The most important factor when you’re scuba diving is to remember that just because you’re a good swimmer, doesn’t mean you’ll also be a good diver. For that, it is important that you utilize the help of an experienced instructor so that you can train properly.

Safe Dive Sites

Komodo is ranked in the TOP 10 diving locations in the world, so you know that an exciting and challenging dive site awaits you. However, there are many places around Komodo that can be dangerous even for experienced divers. For that, it is important that you ask your diving instructor to show you the best diving sites that not only offer the best views but also the safest conditions.

Proper Gear

Safety is crucial when it comes to scuba diving. So when you choose to scuba dive with any instructor, make sure to check that the scuba gear is up-to-date. Old scuba diving equipment can be very dangerous when since you can’t always rely on it. This is why here at Uber Scuba; we ensure that all our scuba gear is tested and maintained.

Reasonable PricesReasonable Prices

When looking for a package that offers you the best dive sites for your leisure, don’t go with the most expensive ones. At Uber Scuba, the reason why our packages are considered as some of the best is because we offer a plethora of activities for a reasonable price tag. You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 dives a day in the waters of Komodo and navigate through the pink beaches and deserted islands as much as you want without worrying about the price.

Komodo offers the beauty of its oceans for all who want to watch manta rays, sharks and pygmy seahorses in their natural habitat. And by following these pointers, you can watch these creatures in action as you dive into the wonderful world of Komodo’s oceans.

5 things you need to know before you Go Scuba Diving

5 things you need to know before you Go Scuba DivingWhile scuba diving in Indonesia is a very popular water activity, there are still some who feel that perhaps donning a tank and a mask and diving into the ocean isn’t the thing for them. So to put your troubles at ease, we at Uber Scuba are going to provide you with some much-useful information to help put your scuba diving troubles at rest.

What You Should Know about Scuba Diving

1.     The Sharks Will NOT Get You

That wave of fear you feel when you step into the ocean for the first time after watching Jaws, don’t focus on it. While Hollywood may have used its sinister magic to make this sharp-toothed fish the villain of the movie, it did so without checking the factual records. Sharks do not attack divers when they witness any, so you can put your fears to rest. In fact, when sharks do encounter any divers, they swim away because our presence usually disturbs them.

2.     You are Fit enough to be a Diver

Diving is for everyone, so those of you who feel that perhaps the only people who can be divers are only those with ultra-fit bodies, think again. While competitive swimmers do make good divers because they are comfortable in the waters, this doesn’t mean that the water might turn unfriendly for the rest of us. Yes, diving is an active sport so you may have to be at least healthy enough to pass the basic endurance test. But remember; this test is to check your basic water skills and comfort in water, not your ability to resist a whole pizza when it’s sitting in front of you.

3.     Diving is not expensive

Diving is a unique water activity; so many people do think that perhaps it might be too expensive. However, with companies such as Uber Scuba providing scuba lessons for all, you only spend an average sum on scuba lessons that give an all-access pass to the ocean world. And by paying a highly affordable amount of money to get certified, you not only get a new activity that keeps you active, but you also save a lot by opting out of that gym membership you may not even use.

4.     Your Ears will not hurt if you descend properly

This is a common dilemma for people with sensitive ears. However, the pain in your ears depends on your diving ability. At Uber Scuba, we teach you the correct way to descend without hurting yourself and that is by equalizing the pressure in your ears so that you don’t get an earache. Known as the Valsalva maneuver, this process involves pinching your nose and blowing against your nostrils until you feel that faint pop and relief. But don’t worry; we’ll cover this when you start training.

5.     Not all medical conditions prevent you from diving

Gone are the days when conditions such as diabetes and asthma kept divers away from the wonderful world of ocean adventures. Nowadays, there are many ways through which potential divers can consult medical experts to know about their diving ability. Organizations such as Divers Alert Network and others help many understand the physical demands of diving and its effects on your health. So while your doctor might have dismissed your diving chances because you have a tooth ache, it won’t hurt to get an opinion from another doctor who has some experience in diving.

So if you feel like you are ready to take on this challenge of a new adventure, contact Uber Scuba now and dive right in to get the chance to experience Komodo’s beautiful ocean life at its finest.

Fascinating Facts About Manta Rays

Fascinating Facts About Manta Rays

A manta ray sighting is one of the most memorable experiences you can have while free-diving in the Komodo National Park. If you’re lucky enough, these enormous spell-bounding creatures can be seen effortlessly gliding through the ocean with remarkable grace.

We won’t be surprised if, after spotting your first manta, you want us to schedule your impending dives in or near the same region to see if you can witness another one. Mantas are mesmerizing creatures, and they seem to have an impressive resume too. Check out what makes Manta rays so fascinating.

  • The word ‘manta’ is derived from Spanish. It literally means ‘blanket’. Mantas floating on the surface of the ocean resemble large black blankets – hence the name.
  • From mating to birth, it takes baby mantas almost a year to pop out from their mothers. Baby mantas look more like miniature adults.
  • Mantas are intelligent! No kidding; having the highest brain to body weight ratio, they are smart enough to put an average dolphin to shame.
  • They may be huge, but these enormous creatures survive on tiny zooplankton. This mainly includes small crustaceans like prawns, and segmented worms.


  • Manta rays, just like leopard sharks, sport identifiable spots on their underbelly. In fact, these very spots are what visually set them apart from their cousins, the devil rays – of course there are other slight differences too.
  • Manta rays are native to Indonesian and other tropical, and subtropical waters; but they are also found in waters around Australia and New Zealand. Places where Mantas are in abundance include Fiji, Bahamas, Spain, Thailand, and Maldives.
  • This big fish likes to fly! That’s right – Manta rays have been seen leaping out of water. Although scientists are still working on this mysterious behavior; there are theories that link it to communication or mating rituals.
  • Mantas just can’t stay still. Moving forward swills out water over their gills. Therefore, this fish needs to continuously swim in order to stay alive.
  • When we say the Mantas are huge, we mean weighing up to 2 tons with a wing span of 7 meters! That’s the average size of a fully grown manta ray.
  • Manta rays have a mucus-like film covering their skin that protects it. Human touch can remove the protective layer – so no touching!
  • Lastly, and most importantly – these creatures may appear daunting, but they are absolutely HARMLESS! Isn’t that a relief?

While every dive into the Komodo does not guarantee a Manta sighting, but if you choose to go scuba-diving, or free-diving with us at Uber Scuba, you may just have the privilege of witnessing these amazing creatures in action.

Check out our liveaboard packages, or call +6281339619724 for more information.

Why Choose the Uber Scuba Komodo Liveaboard

12A liveaboard cruise is one of the most exciting and effective way of exploring the Komodo National Park. You get to spend your days and nights aboard a comfortable cruise boat, while simultaneously enjoying scenic beauty of the Indonesian islands and the spectacular diving opportunities.

UBER SCUBA’S KOMODO Liveaboard also gives you a chance to witness the glorious wildlife in the Komodo National Park. From spotting a Komodo Dragon on one of the shores, scuba diving with sharks and manta rays, to witnessing the thousands of fruit bats reigning the skies at night; the opportunity is one you just can’t miss out on.

This is not all. Uber Scuba’s Komodo Liveaboard allows you to explore and discover the natural wonders of the Rinca, Padar and Komodo Islands. The mangroves, the caves, the pink beaches, and the gorgeous sunsets -everything just adds up to the beauty and benefits of a liveaboard tour in the Komodo National Park.

What’s best? You can have the time of your life, and probably the best vacation ever, at highly affordable prices. Most dive centers offer liveaboard facilities at rates much lower than what you might end up spending at a hotel. At Uber Scuba, we offer liveabord trips on the KLM Amalia at great prices.

Why is the “Amalia” Special?

The Amalia is our liveaboard cruise boat. There are several dive centers in Labuan Bajo offering liveaboard facilities, but only few can compete what the Amalia has to offer you. Aboard the Amalia, you can expect:

  • An exceptional staff! Our crew is amiable, helpful, and highly professional. The multilingual dive instructors are local experts that have years of experience diving in the Komodo National Park.
  • An unmatched flavor of local culture: from traditional food and music, to a display of local customs, our staff will go beyond their way to make your experience memorable.
  • World class diving. All your diving expeditions will be conducted by expert guides and instructors who have a profound knowledge of the sport and the factors affecting it.
  • Cozy accommodation. The Amalia provides both comfort and luxury. We offer single beds in two in twin cabin, two en-suite cabins, and a friends and family cabin aboard the Amalia.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced liveaboard cruise, the Uber Scuba Amalia is a great choice! Of course the laidback atmosphere, fantastic diving, comfortable abode, scrumptious meals, picturesque landscapes, pristine Komodowildlife, and a taste of local culture make it all the more exciting.

Checkout our liveaboard packages, and contact us for bookings today!