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Do Sharks Spit or Swallow? – 10 Shark Facts To Shock You!

Are they the hunters, or the ones being hunted?? Few people realize that well over 100 million sharks die every year at the hands of humanity. This is largely as a result of the market for shark’s fins. Millions of others die as by-catch in nets intended for other species. These sharks are often tossed overboard as trash.

By comparison, there are usually fewer than 10 fatal shark attacks on humans recorded in an average year.

Surprised? Don’t be. Sharks are widely misrepresented, and misunderstood. Read on. We have 10 shark facts that we’re willing to bet you didn’t know. Let’s separate some of the fiction from the fishy facts….


1. She’s Older Than You Think…

Over 400 million years of evolution has refined shark species to be perfectly suited to the various aquatic environments in which they are found. Compare that to human history. The cave dwellers from which we descended only got up on two legs around 6 million years ago.


2. The Mighty Megalodon

Compared to the now extinct Megalodon, the Great White is a pussy cat. The largest shark that ever existed, they could grow up to 30 metres in length. A grown man could easily have stood up inside the open mouth of an adult Megalodon.


3. Jaws Spits, She Doesn’t Swallow

Sadly, the majestic Great White shark is still consider a mindless, murderous, killing machine by many people. There was a time not so long ago when humanity also feared predators at the top of the food chain that walked on land. Tigers, lions, polar bears were all slaughtered without a thought as to the effect that this would have on the ecosystems of which they were (and are) an important part. Slowly, they are becoming protected, instead of executed.

When a Great White takes a bite out of a swimmer, surfer, or his board, it is often a case of mistaken identity. Seen from below, a surfer on a board can look an awful lot like a big, fat, tasty seal. Great Whites are so highly evolved that when they bite into their prey, they get a sense for how much body fat the creature is carrying.

When they take a bite out of human, they often don’t bother to “finish the job”. We’re rather bony, not fat-filled and juicy like the seals. So they spit us out. Unfortunately, we are left with a rather nasty wound, often miles from shore….


4. You Can’t See Me….

Even when sharks cannot see you…they can still sense you. As sharks evolved they developed a “sixth sense”. Ampullae of Lorenzi may sound like an exotic Italian dish. It’s not. They are the receptors which sharks use to sense electromagnetic signals that go unnoticed by humans and other species.

It is said that sharks can “feel” how fast your heart is beating as they swim past you. Hammerheads have been observed hunting rays buried beneath the sand, using their ability to sense where their next potential meal hides. Once they have pinpointed the location, they (literally) nail down the ray beneath the sand using the two pronged hammer that is their head. Incapacitated, the unfortunate ray becomes lunch.

As they say, you can run, but you can’t hide…at least not from a hungry hammerhead!


5. Sharks Don’t Get Cancer

OK, not 100% true, but almost. Scientists have forced sharks to ingest known carcinogens and injected them with deadly toxins. Yet still there are fewer than 10 verified reports of sharks that developed malignant tumours. Humanity has much to gain by studying these fascinating fish, as opposed to slaughtering them.


6. Bad Tooth? Grow Some More!

If you have a cat you know how much hair they can shed. A similar phenomenon can be observed in many shark species. It is not surprising that they lose teeth while feeding or as they age. What is unusual is that they have the ability to grow more.


7. Is That a Shark in the Lake?

Bull sharks are one species of shark that has developed the ability to regulate the amount of water in their bodies, regardless of how much, or little, salt is in their aquatic environment. That means they can enter rivers, and even swim upstream into lakes in the search for food. Lake Nicaragua, and the Zambezi River in Africa are two spots where sharks are frequently reported quite comfortably cruising by.


8. You Stink. And You’re Noisy.

A shark’s sense of smell goes beyond anything we humans can imagine. Some species can sense blood in the water at a concentration of one part per 10 billion. That means a person with even an open scratch would be detected by any shark within a very wide radius, very quickly. Sharks can be found in pretty much every oceanic environment on earth. So can people. Swimming, fishing or diving. Yet there are relatively very few attacks on people.

Mindless, indiscriminate killers? I think not.

While a diver using a re-breather unit is relatively silent, conventional scuba gear is loud and noisy to those who live in the underwater world. This is part of the reason why it can be so difficult to spot and photograph sharks. To them, we sound like a truck roaring by, with our bubbles and noisy breathing.


9. We’ll Eat Anything

That depends. Tiger Sharks have earned themselves an especially infamous reputation as “opportunistic” feeders. Tires, baby whales, shoes and sailors. You name it, chances are it’s been found in the tummy of a Tiger.

That said, the gentle giants of the sea, and the biggest fish on earth are the Whale Sharks. They have no teeth. Being filter feeders, they strain plankton from the sea as they swim. They are gorgeous creatures who will tolerate snorkelers and (sometimes) divers swimming alongside them. Sadly, they are now endangered in many places where they once swam in healthy numbers.


10. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. No, Wait. Don’t Be…

Large sharks, like any wild animal that is a top predator and a carnivore, should be shown a healthy degree of respect. Especially when we divers suit up, take the leap into the sea, and essentially drop in (uninvited) to their homes. If a group of tigers fell through my roof unannounced, and proceeded to follow me around my house, it would make me a little nervous too.

Essentially, this is what we do when we enter the ocean. Sharks, like the earth’s other creatures, are not looking for a fight. They will obviously defend themselves if they are cornered or feel threatened. Show sharks the respect they deserve, and it is very likely that they will return the favour.


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7 Scuba Dives to Put on Your Bucket List Today

Our Definitive List of the Best Scuba Diving Experiences Humanly Available!

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a new hobby, whats certain is that a new world awaits you underwater and this is our pick of the ultimate bucket list scuba diving experiences. From dancing with Manta Rays to diving an active volcano, this is our ultimate list.

Be a stranger in another environment as you navigate colourful reefs, bursting with corals and multicoloured fish. Experience the history of a forgotten shipwreck, the thrill as the ocean takes you under it’s spell in a drift dive. Experience the rush when you tick a new sighting off your bucket list of marine species encountered.

Scuba diving not only gives us a magical glimpse of what’s under the sprawling blue ocean, but also has many health benefits. It’s been said that on an average dive you can burn up to 500 calories, and as well as being the new trend among celebrities, diving is accessible and affordable to the average thrill seeker.

Grab your mask, fins and passport as we run through our pick of 7 Scuba Dives to Put on Your Bucket List Today…

7. Touch Two Continents – Silfra Fissure, Thingvellir National Park, Iceland.

With up to 100 meters of visibility at temperatures of around 1 degree Celsius on average, a dive on Silfra Fissure allows you to submerge between two continents! The tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia are some of the most pristine waters around, and if you get thirsty, the waters are fresh and clean to drink.

You can dive Silfra Fissure with Dive.is

6. Navigate a Shipwreck – Sugar Wreck, Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

A former cargo container carrying sugar, as its name suggests, sits submerged at 18 meters in depth on her side. Sugar Wreck still retains her shape and inexperienced divers can access the wreck via buoy line which gives access to around 6 meters of depth. Sunk in the 1999 monsoon, abundant fish life including a juvenile barracuda school call this amazing shipwreck their home.

You can dive Sugar Wreck with the multilingual Panorama Diver team

5. Take a Jacuzzi under an Active Volcano – Champagne Reef, Sumbawa, Indonesia

Watch as gas bubbles escape from the seafloor, like the bubbles in champagne, in this once in a lifetime dive experience. Situated at the edge of Sangeang Api volcano which erupted just recently in June 2014, Champagne Reef hosts a black sand bottom with countless macro life to find, including the rare Wonderpus. Shallow up to 5 meters, and the air vents become abundant and the lava hot water bubble jets act like a jacuzzi bath.

Dive Champagne Reef via a Liveaboard leaving from Komodo National Park

4. Behold the Underwater PyramidsYonaguni, Japan

Host to one of the most disputed discoveries of marine biologists to this date. Yonaguni lies 120km off the southern tip of Ryukyu discovered in 1986. It is thought to be the city of Mu, a fabled civilisation submerged approximately 2,000 years ago. Hammerhead Sharks litter the waters which are said to be the third clearest in the world.

3. Perform in an Underwater Ballet – Manta Pont, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Experience time stop as you watch as up to 40 Manta Rays perform an underwater ballet inches to your bubbles. These graceful and friendly creatures are abundant just off the Komodo Islands at Manta Point – it’s one of the only places in the world to see these bucket list beauties all year round.

Dive Komodo with Uber Scuba for the ultimate experience

2. Scuba – Skydive The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Looking for a real adrenaline boost? Gulliver Page did and went the extra mile in this epic mish-mash of sky-snorkel-scuba diving. Promoted by the Tropical North Queensland tourism board, Gullivers video went viral within days, pioneering a new hybrid of adventure sports. Check it out here:

1. The Ultimate Bucket List Diving Experience Alexa Private Cruises, Yacht Charter, Indonesia

Charter your own 100 foot Phinisi luxury dive boat, for the ultimate romantic experience. Alexa Private Cruises offers luxury liveaboard diving in Indonesia. Included is a butler, chef and masseuse along with a private dive guide. Why not wakeboard between dives and at night snuggle in with a glass of champagne to watch a movie in the Under the Stars cinema. What’s more is that there is only one cabin so perfect to share with the one you love.

That’s it folks, our Top 7 Bucket List Diving Experiences.

Have you been lucky enough to experience any of these? If so comment in the box below.

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Learning to Dive in Komodo – Open Water Diver

There are thousands of places on the planet where you can become a certified diver. For some people, it’s a few days of diving, selfies, and the certification card that comes with bragging rights. For others, it is a commitment to learn to dive safe, and to dive smart. To be a responsible visitor in the underwater world. One that understands the delights, but also the potential dangers of diving. An individual who shows the sea, and her inhabitants, the respect that they deserve.

For a few of us, diving, teaching, and the preservation of the underwater environment becomes a life long passion. We fall into this category.

At Uber Scuba Komodo Dive Center, we believe that the even the most experienced divers will always be students. We, as instructors, never stop learning. Every dive is different, and the dynamics between the divers, the submarine environment, and the creatures who decide to show up, guarantee that there is never a dull moment!

We strive to pass on the knowledge gained from our past lessons learned. Our visitors, their experiences, and their feedback, improve the quality of instruction that we can provide to our clients.

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly why we believe that Komodo is the best place to learn to dive, or to earn your advanced and speciality certifications. Nevertheless, we have put together a list of five fantastic reasons why we can’t wait for you to join us as we explore the marvels of the Komodo Islands…

1. Our Experience

Our instructors have decades of experience teaching PADI and SSI courses to scuba students all over Southeast Asia. Perhaps you are coming to complete your Open Water Course in Komodo. Or maybe you have hundreds of dives already under your belt, and want to earn a speciality certification. Whatever your situation, this corner of the world, where the fantastic Komodo Marine Park exists, will not disappoint. Nor will our team of incredible instructors.

2. The Diversity of Diving

We try not to brag, but we can’t help ourselves!

The diversity of dive environments, and the incredible variety of marine life is unparalleled in the warm waters surrounding the Komodo Islands. We will visit calm, sheltered sites where even first time divers will gain the confidence to continue on to open water sites. There are so many spots suited to so many different levels of diving experience.

3. The Creatures

Each site that we visit is home to a unique and thriving underwater ecosystem. There is always something new to see. From seahorses that measure a few centimetres in height, to our magnificent Mantas with wings that span meters across, you’ll be exposed to an incredible variety of life.

You’ll have the opportunity to swim with the big, beautiful fish that are sadly so rare in the waters where they once reigned as kings and queens of their world. See several species of sharks in all their glory. Realise that while they deserve our respect, they have been maligned and grossly misrepresented in the movies and the mass media.

At Uber Scuba Komodo, we will ensure that all of your dives, and your interactions with our underwater locals, will be safe, and secure. It is a top priority for us to provide you with a professional and safe environment where you will learn to dive and appreciate species you may have never thought you could get close to.

4. The Currents

Like sharks, the ocean’s currents can be a source of fear, and danger, to a diver. If you do not understand the way they work. Currents are an inescapable reality when diving in the ocean. The best diving (like here in Komodo) often involves open water dives that require an understanding of how oceanic currents work.

We’ll teach you how to make currents work for you on a dive, not against you. Tips that will help you know what to expect when you hit the water, and be ready for any situation. Signs that may mean you shouldn’t enter the water at all. Signals that it is time to get out.

Many divers can feel overwhelmed when they feel a strong current, especially on the surface at the start of a dive. Beginning a dive stressed out and nervous is never a smart plan. Even if you are hanging off a line as you descend, you may be wondering, what happens when I let go?

We will show you what to watch for, and when to drop down to avoid the strongest parts of a current. How to anchor yourself, without harming the coral, and tips to help you conserve precious air. Strong currents are an unavoidable reality if you want to dive the world’s top spots, and see the most magnificent marine creatures. Understanding how they work, and experiencing them first hand with professional supervision is essential for every diver.

5. Leave Us As a Confident and Safe Scuba Enthusiast!

Complete your Open Water Course in Komodo with us to enjoy the adrenaline, and the rush, of joining the global diving community. Your first dives will be an indescribable experience that you will never forget. The experienced instructors at Uber Scuba will make sure that your initial exposure to the wonders of the oceanic world will be safe, secure, and controlled. Learn with us, and leave knowing that you have a solid foundation on which to build your scuba future. Whether as an instructor in training, or a recreational fun diver.

We can’t wait to meet you.