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Things to Do in Labuan Bajo: Waterfalls

Just 35km from Labuan Bajo lie the majestic Cunca Rami waterfalls (pronounced Choon-cha Rahmi). Hidden within the local villages and farms, which offer a cultural experience by itself, these picturesque waterfalls create the ultimate experience of beauty and tranquility. Relax as you swim in the invigorating pools, taking in the natural allure of the surroundings.

Not only does this trip involve the waterfalls but the trek there encompasses the local rice fields and various plantations, including banana, cacao, vanilla and avocado. The guide will explain all about the agriculture of the area along the walk, which proves very informative. The bamboo huts that house the villagers and farmers give a raw outlook of how the inhabitants live. Beyond the village, the terrain opens out into sprawling fields with numerous wildlife creatures roaming freely.

How to get there:

From Labuan Bajo, follow the main road out of the town (the only road) until you reach Ruteng. Continue until you reach a crossroad, turn right in the direction of Werang. Once you reach Werang, there is a 45 minute walk until you reach the waterfalls (signposted, the Indonesia word for waterfall is AIR TERJUN).

Note: It is important that you must bring your own food and drink as there are no tourist facilities in the area.

Other local attractions:

Within Labuan Bajo, there are many activities to engage in. Komodo is famous for its scenic National Park, therefore many boat trips around the park are available for day trips.

Another unique experience here is visiting the Komodo Dragons. This is the only place in the world where the dragons roam freely in the wild and the excellent tour guides are extremely informative as you walk among these magnificent creatures.

The abundant life on land is equally matched by the outstanding aquatic life under water. Scuba diving here in Labuan Bajo is very popular, and rightly so. The consistent appearance of manta rays, whale sharks and turtles along with the exquisite marine life ensures your diving experience will last a lifetime in your memories.