There are three components to the Discover Scuba Diving training:

1. Knowledge Development:

To ensure that you understand basic scuba safety you’ll start by listening to a lecture on simple physicals and physiology, plus a safety briefing from your instructor. The safety briefing will consist of elements like how to communicate underwater, how to cope in an emergency among others.

2. Confined Water Training:

You’ll head to the ocean right away, no boring swimming pools at Uber Scuba, and learn some basic skills that will make your dive not only safer, but more enjoyable. You will learn at least the following skills:

Regulator Clearing and retrieval: Simply taking your regulator out of your mouth and putting it back in.
Mask Clearing: How to clear your mask if water gets inside.
Alternate Air Source Use: How to share air with your dive buddy in the case of an emergency.
Buoyancy: Fin pivot skill and hovering, to teach you to not damage any precious marine life and to hold the perfect position underwater.
Your instructor may teach you even more skills, but the above are the most important for your safety

3. Open Water Dives:

What it’s all about – the Open Water dives. Under the close supervision of a professional instructor you’ll complete your first and second open water dive. This portion is exactly the same as the first dive on the Open Water course to 12 meters depth.

The price of the Discover Scuba Dive Program:

2 Dives – 2,000,000IDR
3 Dives – 2,300,000IDR

If you decide that you are hooked, then you may consider the certified Open Water Course.

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