Uber Scuba Komodo Dive Center, Labuan Bajo


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A liveaboard cruise is one of the most exciting and effective way of exploring the Komodo National Park. You get to spend your days and nights aboard a comfortable cruise boat, while simultaneously enjoying scenic beauty of the Indonesian islands and the spectacular diving opportunities.

UBER SCUBA’S KOMODO Liveaboard also gives you a chance to witness the glorious wildlife in the Komodo National Park. From spotting a Komodo Dragon on one of the shores, scuba diving with sharks and manta raysto witnessing the thousands of fruit bats reigning the skies at night; the opportunity is one you just can’t miss out on.

This is not all. Uber Scuba’s Komodo Liveaboard allows you to explore and discover the natural wonders of the Rinca, Padar and Komodo Islands. The mangroves, the caves, the pink beaches, and the gorgeous sunsets -everything just adds up to the beauty and benefits of a liveaboard tour in the Komodo National Park.

What’s best? You can have the time of your life, and probably the best vacation ever, at highly affordable prices. Most dive centers offer liveaboard facilities at rates much lower than what you might end up spending at a hotel. At Uber Scuba, we offer liveabord trips on the KLM Amalia at great prices.


Why is the “Amalia” Special?

The Amalia is our liveaboard cruise boat. There are several dive centers in Labuan Bajo offering liveaboard facilities, but only few can compete what the Amalia has to offer you. Aboard the Amalia, you can expect:

  • An exceptional staff! Our crew is amiable, helpful, and highly professional. The multilingual dive instructors are local experts that have years of experience diving in the Komodo National Park.
  • An unmatched flavor of local culture: from traditional food and music, to a display of local customs, our staff will go beyond their way to make your experience memorable.
  • World class diving. All your diving expeditions will be conducted by expert guides and instructors who have a profound knowledge of the sport and the factors affecting it.
  • Cozy accommodation. The Amalia provides both comfort and luxury. We offer single beds in two in twin cabin, two en-suite cabins, and a friends and family cabin aboard the Amalia.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced liveaboard cruise, the Uber Scuba Amalia is a great choice! Of course the laidback atmosphere, fantastic diving, comfortable abode, scrumptious meals, picturesque landscapes, pristine Komodowildlife, and a taste of local culture make it all the more exciting.

Checkout our liveaboard packages, and contact us for bookings today!