We would always insist that you complete a Scuba Review prior to your dives if you have not dived for more than 12 months. This is for your safety and ours, especially if you have completed less than 50 dives in your lifetime.

During the Scuba Review you will go over scuba knowledge you learned during your initial training, regardless of level. Then, practice fundamental skills in a pool or a confined water area.

You will review:

• Setting up your equipment
• Safe diving practices
• Dive planning fundamentals
• Confined Water Skills inc. Mask, Regulator, Problem Management and Buoyancy refresh.
• Knowledge recap

You will only need to do this once on your first dive with us and it will take approximately 50% of the first dives time to complete. On the second half of the dice, we will continue as normal, looking for the weird and wonderful creatures that live in our waters.

There is a surcharge of 500,000 IDR, which will be added to your daily diving rate.

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