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It produces exotic flowers like all passion fruit varieties. A vine that climbs with a passion, granadillas (Passiflora edulis) produce fragrant 2- to 3-inch-wide purple and white flowers and egg-shaped edible fruit. The sweet granadilla is the common species of Passiflora ranging from central Mexico through Central America and western South America, through western Bolivia to south-central Peru.

Granadillas, a type of passion fruit, grows as long vine that reaches up to 50 feet tall.
If you do choose to use seed, make sure it’s from ripe fruit selected from healthy plants: Scoop out the contents of a granadilla that has been cut through; Wash the contents to separate the seed and pulp; The granadilla is usually grown from a seedling (see below). The giant granadilla is generally agreed to be a native of tropical America, though the actual place of origin is unknown. The plant grows in tropical and subtropical areas as it can't tolerate winter frost. Throughout this region, it is popular and abundant in the markets. Great news for us Durbanites is that Granadillas are perfect to grow … Passiflora quadrangularis, the giant granadilla, barbadine (), grenadine (), giant tumbo or badea (Spanish pronunciation: ), is a species of plant in the family Passifloraceae.It produces the largest fruit of any species within the genus Passiflora. It has been grown … The vines produce edible melon-like fruits that have aromatic, sweet flesh. It is a perennial climber native to the Neotropics More commonly known to us as the Passion Fruit and known in SA as the Granadilla, Passiflora Edulis is native to tropical America but the actual place of origin is still unknown. Growing Granadillas. It is commonly cultivated, and sometimes an escape from cultivation or truly wild, from Mexico to Brazil and Peru. The exquisite granadilla bloom. How to Grow Granadillas. It was growing in Barbados in 1750 and is present in several other Caribbean Islands and in Bermuda. Passiflora edulis, commonly known as granadilla or purple passionfruit, is an ever popular vine grown for its lush, bright green foliage, stunningly striking flowers and delicious, juicy fruit. The name ‘passionfruit’ is an English translation from its Latin genus name Passiflora and has no implication to any form of forbidden fruit!

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