crime rate in south africa 2019

The national police emergency number is: 10-111 or 112 from a mobile phone.

The crime rate in South Africa is undoubtedly out of control. Though there has been an improvement in community policing, many in the public mistrust police and see them as corrupt. U.S. Department of State. In a Pew Research Center study released in June 2018, 57% of South African respondents had a favorable view of the United States. A Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill, with the goal of codifying cybercrimes offences and penalties in South Africa, is currently in the revision process with no set timeline of advancement through the legislative process. Unauthorized photography of certain sites (government buildings, similar locations) might result in fines/arrest. The nationwide operation involves South African police and military raids, and has resulted in the arrest of an estimated 10,000 suspects and the seizure of large quantities of weapons and drugs.

Large public gatherings, such as concerts and sporting events, are rife with criminal activity. However, the demand for name-brand items at all socio-economic levels sustains the demand for counterfeit products (e.g. or engaging in water sports. In order to prevent card skimming, physically watch your card when processed (swiped) and ensure that credit cards are not taken to a back room for processing. The majority of carjackings occur when the victim arrives at home and pulls into the driveway or entrance gate; the carjackers pull up behind the victim to block an escape path. Criminals may target vehicles on the highways at any time, day or night. Country Specific Information for South Africa.

However, a dangerous trend that has emerged in poorer communities is the use of a combination of heroin and marijuana called “nyaope.” Distributors often adulterate such drugs with toxic substances. Accidents can occur when swimming in the ocean, on both public and private beaches, or walking/climbing on shore areas that are not designated lifeguard-patrolled beaches. Multinational and South African businesses with the financial resources to do so continue to invest heavily in cybersecurity to protect their business assets. Do not use rideshare services for travel outside major metropolitan areas, or to previously disadvantaged areas. Much of the country, to include critical infrastructure, remains vulnerable to cyberattacks. In May 2018, three unidentified assailants armed with knives attacked and attempted to burn down the Shi’a Imam Hussein Mosque in Verulam, Durban. For more detailed information about LGBTI rights, review the State Department’s annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Due to the extremely high rate of HIV/AIDS, survivors of rape or sexual assault should seek immediate medical attention (prophylaxis against HIV and other STDs) and report the crime to the police.

For more information, review OSAC’s report, Although corruption does occur in South Africa, complaints of street-level shakedowns for money or similar forms of harassment are not common among the U.S. expatriate community. In addition, there are traffic police departments at the provincial level in each of South Africa’s nine provinces. Unauthorized photography of certain sites (government buildings, similar locations) might result in fines/arrest. Interested private-sector security managers should contact OSAC’s, : Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape, U.S. travelers should register with the U.S. Department of State, External links to other internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein, The Overseas Traveler’s Guide to ATM Skimmers & Fraud, Department of State international financial scams webpage, South African Automobile Association (AA), Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Abroad, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, Picture This: Dos and Don’ts for Photography, 2017 South Africa Citizen’s Bribery Survey. Labor strikes and protests occur frequently and can be violent and disruptive. The import of manufactured counterfeit products has been more difficult to stem. Use only those rideshare companies with a dispatch application that provides vehicle description, license plate number, and the driver’s name, picture, user rating, and the ability to share trip information. The legal blood alcohol limit is .05 percent; this is strictly enforced. Authorities seldom prosecute perpetrators successfully. Throughout July 2018, police discovered a spate of incendiary devices planted throughout Durban. For more information, review OSAC’s report. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. LGBTI travelers should exercise caution when visiting traditional communities, as they may be less accepting of same-sex public displays of affection or LGBTI culture than major cities and tourist destinations. The National Traffic Police has authority to enforce traffic laws throughout South Africa, especially on all major highways. For more information, review OSAC’s report, Kidnapping: The Basics. Increase awareness in these areas during daylight, due to high crime rates and spontaneous protests often involving roadblocks and demonstrators burning tires/throwing rocks and other projectiles. WHO gives a figure of 25,000 deaths from TB in South Africa in 2013, but this excludes those people who had both TB and HIV infection when they died. Crimes in general are also under reported. a loan, contract, investment, inheritance, or gift) and then receives little/nothing in return. An advanced-fee scheme occurs when the victim pays money to someone in anticipation of receiving something of greater value (e.g.

Visit the, website before providing any personal/financial details or making any financial commitment. On occasion, motorists have been informed they can pay a fine directly to the officer after being caught in a speed trap or at a road-worthy checkpoint. U.S. government employees elsewhere in Africa often evacuate to South Africa for medical treatment. ) South Africa’s primary electricity supplier, Eskom, periodically conducts load-shedding (rolling blackouts) to safeguard the electrical grid. These are referred to as “Blue Light” robberies.

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