how to use tracks live

This is a very helpful, timesaving feature. I’m very new to this and I don’t know where to begin.

The last bit is to get a monitor line from the sound desk and put it into channel 1 on the mixer.

I have everything you list in the article EXCEPT for a DI box, however I dont think thats my issue. But for a super budget solution, would this work? I’ve updated the links now.

But since it’s mixed into the stereo file already, you’re stuck with it.

The simplest backing track setup for drummers: Putting it together: Running backing tracks live,,,, my exact setup to get both backing and click tracks for drummers, Click (in sync with the backing track and with a count-in for the drummer! It was the missing link! The sound engineer will sort this for you.

The mixer has one stereo master bus. Hi Joseph, if I understand correctly it seems the issue you’re running into is setting up the source MP3 files. I’ll do a full write up about this in another post but we basically want a stereo track: I usually recommend having the backing tRack on the Right channel and cLick on the Left as it’s easier to remember if you ever need to. However i have some questions in order for this to be fully optimal for my settings.

It does mean you need to have a second computer, but with even very powerful computers costing only a few hundred bucks these days, for professional use this makes a lot of sense. Copyright © iKingdom Corp. 2020.

My case: But in the modern world, the use of backing tracks is widespread and accepted as an essential part of today’s live music experience. Your first question should be: which instrument goes on which track? Is it because itunes does not have the panning capabilities? BUT – we feed it as ‘music’ to the main mixer amp, and ‘click’ to a separate radio ear system, with the music track also fed in via a link from the mixer/monitor output into the other input on the radio system. The first, a “stereo” mode, generates a two-track stereo mix using an integral DAW-like mixing console displayed on screen. There are a couple of additional cables I use in order to make it more plug ‘n’ play in my pedal box from the list provided above. If you turn down the volume on the tablet it will affect the click volume in your ears… but it’s never been an issue for us, and I don’t think it will be an issue for you.

This will allow the LiveTrack map to display your location at the beginning of an activity. But, from what you describe I don’t think you need anything as complicated as this guide.

I went directly from my tablet to the mixer. So you’d get the left channel, split it using a mono splitter (, send one to your mixer and one to the FOH. You probably won’t be using a proper Front-of-House sound mixer, instead you’ll probably just be hitting play at the start of the show and hoping for the best.

There are multiple recording formats available for use, making it a sure bet that it will support your post-production tool set. You’d basically need a way to transmit from the mixer to your in-ears. However on the downside, if your live sound engineer is going to be the local guy who knows nothing about your music, this could be a recipe for disaster, especially if you have complex mixes. Like you mention, you have less control over levels but you could do it! As before you will definitely want to split out the Kick and Bass tracks, but now you have room for more. Our idea is to hear the click count in, and then the full track via one mono earphone.
You will get significantly better audio quality and it will be a lot more reliable. LiveTrack will display your last known location and should pick back up once your phone has found a signal again. This is a very interesting format but unfortunately currently there isn’t much playback software out there that supports it. Hope that helps! Many venues have significant issues with bass peaks and resonance.

Both of the “stereo” and “multi-out” modes allow for the routing of outputs to any available I/O ports. You want to ask for a guitar extension lead essentially. Some people will want to get the Snare out on its own track, since it’s an instrument that is a very prominent part of the sound.Beyond that, everything else starts opening up; maybe synths or backing vocals on the 6th track?

There are several reasons we split them up like this: Instruments with a lot of low frequency energy don’t need to be stereo.

Now I know why… I wasn’t using a DI Box.

I may be wrong but if the foh wants us to turn down our volume of the tracks, won’t we also lose volume on our click going to our IEM since the tablet is the master? Share a pic of your setup if you can and I’ll try guide you best I can! Use the Stereo Out mode to create a stereo monitor mix while recording. Some cheaper stereo DI’s still use a single transformer and crosstalk may still occur. To a certain extent that depends on what instruments you have in your backing tracks, but after talking to a lot of live sound engineers, the general consensus that I’ve gathered is that the best track split will probably be: i.e. The iConnectAUDIO2+ - A great first step towards professional backing tracks.
Glad this article helped!

Followed everything to the letter and managed to go from having zero knowledge of running backing tracks to a perfectly running system at first rehearsal without even testing it. From here, I can either connect both to my mixer (Xenyx 502) to get both the click and track in my in-ears, and then send only the track out from one of the main outputs, or connect the click jack to the mixer and the other cable to the audio guy (PA). Here’s how you want to set up all your equipment: Let’s break this down.

And those sockets are prone to damage and crackling, so you might have problems.That will then have to go to a couple of DI (Direct Inject) boxes so that it can be converted to a signal that a PA system can work with. The latter approach is pretty much the norm for live pop shows these days. You can find out how to do that on their Stem Creator page. Greart article and “easy” solution!

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