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Introduction to the Uber Scuba Divemaster in Komodo Course:

The Divemaster Course is the gateway into becoming a professional diver and it is a unique experience to complete this in one of the best diving locations in the world: Komodo!

When investing in becoming a Divemaster, obviously, you want to choose the best! You also want to select the one that will give you the most experience to get the most out of your training. Learning to become a divemaster in Komodo will present many different challenges and situations which will give you extensive and valuable experience which will stay with you for life. You know what they say “if you can dive in Komodo, you can dive anywhere!” We say “if you get your Divemaster in Komodo, working in diving anywhere else will be a doddle!”.

So that’s why you should choose Komodo, but why should you choose Uber Scuba? At Uber Scuba we provide a supreme program lead by highly experienced professionals in a serious yet fun, friendly and safe environment. Our two large and comfortable daily boats, KLM Iona & KLM Karina were built and designed to our own spec with divers comfort in mind. Foodie? Hot, freshly-cooked yummy food is served onboard to keep you and our happy customers fueled for your dives.

We have one of the best reputations for our “safety-first approach” – come on, you’ve heard about the currents in Komodo, right? Uber Scuba comprises a multi-lingual team of both locals and internationals who are incredibly passionate, extremely talented and super fun. What more do you need? Speak to us today and enrol in what is going to be one of the best experiences of your life.


Over the course of 6 weeks, you will be introduced to a series of challenges, including rescue scenarios, assisting courses from Discover Scuba Diving right through to Diver Stress & Rescue, mapping dive sites, and mastering how to guide divers. You will also learn about the dive sites and how to read water conditions, navigation skills and how a daily dive operation works. You will complete a series of skill circuits and at the end of the course, you will partake in what is commonly known as the “Stress Test” or equipment exchange. Then, the final step in your DMT journey will be the “Snorkel Test”. You will find out more about this right of passage later on in the program.

What you need to get started (mandatory):

  • React Right/EFR certifications
  • Diver Stress & Rescue certification
  • Divemaster Crew Pack (including eRDPML)*
  • Own wetsuit (we recommend a long 3mm wetsuit)
  • Own fins (we do not recommend split fins)
  • Dive computer
  • SMB (Surface Marker Buoy)
  • Compass

Instructor / DM

You will be paired with a professional and experienced Instructor as your mentor for the duration of the program to guide you through. However, you will assist different instructors and divemasters throughout your time with us, giving you the opportunity to learn from a variety of our talented guides, all who have a range of different experiences. Pick their brains and soak up as much information as you can.


  • Unlimited dives during your course
  • Instructor fees
  • When on the boat: Freshly cooked lunch prepared by our onboard chef, a light breakfast of doughnuts and bananas, snacks throughout the day, unlimited water, tea and coffee
  • Some of the best times/dives of your life


  • Insurance (please ensure you have the correct insurance in place before arrival, we recommend DAN)
  • Dive Equipment Rental (unless you are on BCD & Regulator rental package – see below pricing)
  • Accommodation
  • Everything listed in the “what you need to get started” section above will need to be acquired before you start your course

*We can purchase the crew pack on your behalf for an additional cost of 3,700,000 IDR

Important Note:

In order to retain quality education for our Divemaster candidates, we take on a maximum of 4 Divemaster trainees at any one time. Places are on a first come, first serve basis. Our Divemaster program is a paid program and we do not take on any internships. For full information, we ask that you contact us directly on dive@uberscubakomodo.com and we can send you more information.

Don’t have the React Right or Diver Stress and Rescue certifications yet? Not to worry. You can complete these with us too. 



6 Weeks


22,000,000 IDR – including BCD & Regulator rental

19,000,000 IDR – when using your own full set of equipment (minus tank & weights)

Client Testimonial


“After wanting to do my dive master training at somewhere not only challenging but also has great marine biodiversity, I decided to come to Komodo. I’m more than grateful that Uber scuba took me in and I absolutely had the best diving time of my life! A couple of months before my arrival, I emailed several dive shops and Uber Scuba gave by far the most detailed information and the fastest reply! Jessika was really patient with my question bombs and was the only person that suggested me to walk in and talk to the dive shop before I commit into such a lengthy program. If anyone wonders the same, please just book ahead, I guarantee you they are the best in town!! Upon my arrival, I was given another detailed briefing on the divemaster course itself and the professionalism of the shop was just beyond the limit! The office ladies, Tanya, Cristina and Charlie and the little boss cookie the monster had been really welcoming and helpful!! Their passion for not only helping people picking their right choices but also always having customers’ safety as top priority assures that everyone on the boat is having a great time! All the instructors (Kev, Fikih, Tom, Paul, Diego) and divemasters (Faldy, Rian, Jordan, Ody, Afri) make Uber the way it is! They know Komodo by heart and will show you the biodiversity of the park as well as putting safety as top priority. Each and every one of them is very knowledgeable and passionate about the ocean and are willing to share all the information with everyone. The boat crew was probably the best crew I’ve ever encountered! The food on the boat was so amazing that I’ve missed it on my day offs. They are willing to help you with the gear as well as getting in and out of the water. Gino, Wiro, Yima, Yasin, Tayep and many many more, without whom our daily routine wouldn’t be as smooth and wonderful as it is now. It’s been about two weeks since I left and I absolutely miss diving there already! Can’t wait to come back to more laughs and amazing dives! Thanks so much for such an awesome summer break!!


– Alison Lee


“I recently completed my PADI Divemaster training (DMT) with Uber Scuba Komodo and it was 6 incredible weeks: great learning experience and lots of fun at the same time. The dive center is very busy and very well organized which means each task is clearly defined and everyone knows what to do and when. Great structure to discover the diving industry!! Uber Scuba number one priority is “SAFETY FIRST!!” From day 1 you are treated as part of the team and the daily tasks include: welcoming guests to introduce the dive center and the diving programs; preparing equipment, doing briefings on the boat; learning about dive sites, marine life and currents; assisting instructors/dive masters and… DIVING a lot. I did over 100 dives in 6 weeks!! The staff is very friendly and professional, they will treat you as part of their family and they will try to teach you as many things as they can. The diving in Komodo National Park is out of this world and you will surely love it! Get ready to play with manta rays, sharks and turtles on a daily basis. There are also very high chances that you become what we call a “current junky” which means addicted to drift dive! I am extremely satisfied by the decision I took to do my DMT with Uber Scuba Komodo and to have Kevin as my mentor. I highly recommend this DMT program as well as all the other diving courses to anyone looking for a fun and professional training.


– guillaume fortin

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